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Meme Marketing 

Meme Marketing

Every day I open my LinkedIn… well, that’s a lie. Let’s start again, every hour I open my LinkedIn and without fail within the first few posts what do I see? Memes are being used as marketing tools. Now I am certainly not complaining because who doesn’t love a meme? But are they really the …

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You might think you know branding, but let’s dig deeper into all the things it can be and how it can take your business to the next level. Let’s jump in. Branding as a term is always used when discussing everything from website work to your social posts through to your on-street activity and anything …


core web vitals

Google and the Core Web Vitals

Earlier this year the long-awaited Google page experience algorithm update was rolled out to all users globally. Completed around the end of August 2021, A major part of this update was Google confirming three specific metrics that are important for sites to provide a positive experience – these 3 metrics are known as the Core …

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