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How can you keep your social feeds from growing stale?

As many of your potential customers reach information overload every day it can get harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

A stale feed will soon lose their attention and they will scroll past to your competitors.

These days a strong social media presence requires a lot more than simply posting regularly and responding to engagement.

You are vying for a very small window of attention and that requires innovation and making the effort to constantly evolve without losing sight of your core brand values and message. 

By following this simple guide you can keep your social media feed fresh and inviting.

Preparing for social media campaign analysis

Your social media campaign is all about finding content that resonates with your audience.

While it is true that all brands have a different approach, there are some common themes that always work.

The top one is visuals.

Photos, videos and graphics always get more clicks and are a great way to constantly refresh a feed.

Good quality visual material will always attract attention and is now easy to produce without the need for sophisticated equipment or expensive software.

Infographics work particularly well because they combine visual appeal with factual information.

Turn your data and boring facts and figures into an eye-catching infographic and they immediately become more digestible.

To keep things fresh, mix up the type of posts that you share.

Inspirational posts are useful and can include quotes from highly respected individuals such as musicians, sports stars or business leaders.

Mix these up with questions which always trigger improved engagement.

Ask for people’s opinions or ask what they are struggling with right now. A poll on a trending topic, perhaps related to a current news story, can also increase engagement.

Using social media campaign analysis

Once you have all of your content ready to post you are in a position to use social media campaign analysis to establish what does and does not work with your audience.

You will have a wide choice of tools to measure the performance of your posts using a range of metrics so it is a case of picking the one that suits you best.

However, the thing that they all have in common is that they must be used regularly for you to get the benefit from them.

Get into the habit of checking how each post is doing. Is it falling flat or is it setting the web on fire? If it has worked well, you need to establish why that was.

Then you can repeat it with your next posts, but don’t be tempted to overdo it as your feed will start to look stale and you will lose engagement again.

You can also learn from your mistakes.

Don’t give up on a post that failed on Facebook. It may be a great hit on Twitter or Instagram.

If you find something that is very successful, save it and share it again in a few months.

This allows you to take full advantage of the content and is a highly cost-effective strategy.

Check out how we’ve been nailing social media marketing for our clients and get in touch to freshen up your feeds.

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