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Social Media Advertising vs Traditional Advertising

If clients or customers don’t know you exist, they won’t use your services. There are many ways to advertise a product or service. Business owners need to decide which advertising methods are best for them and their budget. They need to know what will get them the results they want and reach their target market? While billboards and flyers can reach a lot of people quickly, targeting who sees these is obviously out of anyone’s control. Similarly, bus and taxi advertising will only be seen by people travelling in the same areas and at the right time of day. Social media has changed how companies market and advertise their business, with the advantages far outweighing some of the more traditional types of advertising. 

Social media is here to stay and for many businesses, large and small, it forms a key element of the marketing strategy. 

Why advertise on social media?


Social media has boomed since the first platforms launched in 2003. Some early platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, continue to be popular, while others, such as Myspace, have fallen by the wayside. Businesses compete for the attention of potential clients on the big-name platforms, which have billions of users globally. Firms spend huge chunks of their marketing budgets on social media advertising because it can be targeted and show a positive return on investment. But it’s competitive. Being able to steal a march on your direct competitors by establishing your brand on the next big platform could gain a significant competitive advantage. 

Advantages of Social Media Advertising over Traditional Ads


Reach your Target market directly 


One of the most valuable advantages to social media advertising is being able to target a specific group of people. Whether a business wants to attract a younger audience, parents, people who have the same interests/hobbies or a specific area of the country, this can be achieved easily and effectively via one or more of the many social media platforms available. 



Another advantage is the choice of platforms now available. In addition to Facebook, Instagram is a huge influencer when it comes to advertising. Other social media platforms include Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and YouTube. 



 All social media platforms enable you to pinpoint the exact time you want your product or service to be advertised, how often, and who sees it. This encourages businesses to really stop and think about their customers and how best to attract their attention. Using a social media advertising agency in London is a great way to plan your campaign to ensure it has the biggest impact and gets the best possible results.



As social media is digital, the opportunities to be creative and innovative with a campaign

are endless. New ways of using these platforms are evolving all the time and can get people talking and even sharing ads amongst their friends and family, which means your clients are advertising your product for you.



Advertising on social media suits any size of budget. Whether you want to launch a brand-new product to the whole world or simply a small new local business to a specific group in your area, social media has the ability put your message exactly where it needs to be.



One of the most valuable tools of social media is the ability to create a buzz around your business and interact with your clients, such as by offering incentives for shares or tweets or by answering questions directly from potential customers about a product or service. Whatever you want to promote, a social media advertising agency in London can make sure that the right people know about it, at the right time, and that the ads create the biggest and best impact.

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