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How to Get the Most from Paid Online Advertising?

If you have a business and are online, you need to consider online advertising to get rapid leads to your website. There are plenty of ways to advertise online that are quick and accessible for businesses of all sizes; for example, you can look at search engine advertising and social network advertising. Search engine advertising tends to be the first port of call for most businesses, as it is simple and fast to create a campaign with Google AdWords. Most people choose a PPC – pay per click – model to drive traffic to their website. Google AdWords guides you through the mechanics of setting up your online advertising campaign with the ability to set parameters on everything from demographics to daily spend limits. 

Our Paid Search Tips

We’ve put together some simple tips to follow to get the best possible ROI from paid search:

Optimise your landing page 

Getting a lead to your website via an online ad is the first step – the true outcome is achieving a sale or your intended outcome. Optimise your landing page so that your visitors can achieve your goal without any blocks.

Make your site mobile-friendly

Much of your online traffic will come to you via mobile phones, so make sure your website is responsive and optimised for mobile and tablet screens.

Define negative keywords

Google will enable you to identify what your product or service is not so that it can better direct traffic to your site. Include relevant negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic.

Spend time on your keywords

Online advertising relies on keyword matches, as Google sends potential leads your way by showing online users ads that match their search terms. There are various categories of keywords, from broad match to phrase match, and it is important to structure and include these correctly. This job can be done by a specialist digital marketing professional for accuracy and to ensure the budget is not wasted.

Complete all fields

It is tempting to gloss over fields that you are not sure about and to leave things blank; however, your campaigns will not perform well against the competition and you will risk wasting your budget on irrelevant traffic.


Keep adapting and refining your campaign using analytics to guide you. The beauty of online advertising is that it is responsive and can be changed.

Consider getting expert help

Many businesses simply do not have in-house digital advertising professionals. This specialist area is essential to modern marketing; with digital marketing and online advertising constantly changing, digital advertisement management companies can offer flexible and tailored programmes to suit your specific needs.

Meet the team at Crowdify who are helping clients to grow their business with paid search and paid social campaigns.

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