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How to increase your engagement on Instagram in 2023

Engagement is the measure of how many people interact with your post. It is a way of seeing how well your content performs, and if your followers actually enjoy your posts. This is measured in the form of likes, comments, shares, saves and mentions.

Year on year, Instagram is constantly changing the way it works and users need to tweak their approach towards the platform.

We run social media marketing campaigns for all kinds of businesses, and here are some of our top tips to increase your engagement on Instagram this year


One of the major things you can do is to start posting reels. They have generated huge amounts of engagement since their introduction in 2019.

If the reels that you create are captivating enough, they will draw in new visitors to your profile. 

Within reels, there are some features that can be utilised to hook your audience such as:

  • Trending audios
  • Voiceovers
  • Transitions

But most of all, Reels gives you a creative, fun and novel way to communicate with your audience and represent your brand.


If Reels aren’t for you, carousels are another great form of content to post.

They tend to perform better than single-image posts, as they can help build a story and give more of an explanation to the content.


You want your content to be seen by people who are searching those keywords, as this is the ideal audience that you need to tap into.

You should therefore complete research into what keywords you should be using to increase your search ranking.

Knowing your audience

Getting to know your audience, and targeting your content to your demographic is crucial.

Knowing your audience will help you to create content that hits that sweet spot, and you can learn what performs well with the help of analytics.

You can even learn valuable information such as the ideal time to post.

It is worth noting that this will constantly change so completing occasional testing is well worth your time.

Match your brand voice

To increase your engagement, you need to be posting content that matches your brand, and more often than not, authentic and ‘real-life’ content will perform better than posed imagery. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to catch users’ attention, and the use of powerful imagery will help with this.

However, your caption is equally important as it will be the next thing they view.

It needs to tie in with what you are trying to get across, as well as match your brand.

Live Streaming

A great way to draw viewers in is by ‘going live’.

There are many benefits to live streaming, but the main advantage is that it connects directly with your users, whether that is by sharing news or even answering questions that users have asked you.

Interact with your audience

You need to make sure that you are also engaging with your audience in other ways too.

An example of this is sharing the content that you enjoy on your own platform.

Moreover, replying to comments and direct messages is crucial as this will show your followers that you are paying attention to what they are saying, which will further increase your overall engagement.

Getting yourself out there on Instagram is more difficult than ever, due to the sheer amount of users on the platform.

However, with the help of these tips, you will have the best possible chance to get more engagement for your account going into 2023.

Get in touch with our Instagram marketing specialists if you’d like to increase your engagement this year.

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