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Social Media has revolutionised the way we all do business, and influencers are part of that landscape. Crowdify works closely with individuals and management agencies to provide access to influencers of all sizes for your brand. Whatever your target market, we can analyse their online presence, and associate influencers who have similar demographics in their audience. Crowdify can ensure measurement of KPIs and tracking to point of sale – so it’s clear exactly what positive affect influencers have on your brand.

Ditch the old, embrace the new!

Running with an outdated brand is no longer enough because in a crowded and competitive market, it is pivotal to stand out using a branding strategy which is customised to your business.

We believe that to achieve this, you will require professional and responsible brand creation management that incorporates designs that are unique and created by our brand designers. The aim is to create designs that are engaging to generate an impact that has a positive effect on your products and services.

A huge thank you to all of you, from me. I absolutely love it, thank you so much.


Micro vs mega

Micro Influencers range from having a following of 3,000 – 100,000. The smaller the following, often the more engaged they are and the more specific we can be when analysing demographics.  There are great benefits to using multiple micro influencers in a campaign. Mega Influencers reach national or global audiences. With large followings comes less dense engagement but larger total exposure. However, these often come with large prices for posts.

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Of teens trust Influencers above other celebrities.
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Of women use Social Media for purchasing advice.
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Of consumers depend on Influencer recommendations.
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Earned for every £1 spent on influencer marketing.

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Size of influencer marketing industry.
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Of fashion and beauty brands use Influencers.