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Our top tips for running a successful event

From an operational perspective, events are intricate and unpredictable, requiring critical attention to detail and confident control in order to be successful. 

In this post we are going to discuss three fundamental features to achieve a successful event: the information, the organisation, and the fun. 


Before any great event can begin, knowledge of all aspects of that event is essential. 

From venue staff names to first-aid contacts, local travel routes and even pricing behind the bar – the more you know about your event and the building you are hosting it in, the more effectively you can manage the night.  

Distributing the correct information to your guests is also very beneficial for promoting the event. A clear brand identity is needed in both digital and physical material so that guests can choose an event that suits their interests.  

Another important piece of information that your guests will need, is the terms and conditions of your tickets and the entry policies of each venue. This can include the dress code, last entry times for each ticket tier and requirements for ID. 


Preparation is a vital part of any sized event and production. 

Before the doors open, you should know when your DJs are expected to arrive, have your queue layout set up, have the security team in position and have all aspects of the event finalised.    

As events involve many moving parts, the efforts you make to structure tasks and pre-emptively remove or minimise risk will keep operations running smoothly and keep the process enjoyable for everyone involved. 

You should always be prepared to fail, don’t fail to prepare! 


Working in the nightlife industry calls for entertainment and enjoyment to rank highly in your list of priorities, alongside safety and success.  

Aim to make regular rounds during an event to check in with the security, managerial and bar teams and if you can get your guests laughing before they even enter the building, you’ll be setting the tone for the night straight away. 

This therefore means that it is crucial to select and brief your promotional team effectively. These individuals are likely to be the first point of contact when guests arrive at the venue; meaning a positive attitude and welcoming demeanour are key. 

In conclusion, events are about managing variables. Parts of the night will always be affected by conditions outside of your control, however, initiative, a strong work ethic and thorough planning will allow you to respond efficiently. Working with a great team and positivity is always a route to success.  

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