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Strong and effective paid advertising can revolutionise how you do business. Through laser-targeted advertisements, Crowdify can ensure you not only reach the customers who are actively looking for your product, but also new customers in your ideal demographic.

Crowdify’s expert paid social team will locate your brand’s most engaged audience, and by utilizing different platforms, find out exactly what content is best performing. Along with trialling multiple platforms, the testing capabilities of paid advertising allow us to find exactly what works for your business and make paid social one of the most effective marketing channels.

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Crowdify will always put the specific objectives of your business at the forefront of what we do. Paid Social is one of the areas where this is most clear. Through creative and innovative use of content, copy, text, video and images, Paid Social ads can be both trackable and dynamic in ways which traditional media simply cannot be.  Whether it’s showcasing your brand through short and impactful video messaging or a fully immersive experience, it gives the user what they want, when they want it.

Crowdify, one of the leading paid social agencies in London, can also build personas around the different types of customers your business attracts. Once these are created, we are able to fine tune who we target and adapt and amend messaging for different customer audiences; making your marketing smarter and more effective.

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Of people who click on Facebook ads ended up making a purchase.

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Of consumers say brands can encourage purchases by offering discounts/trails on social media.

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Of internet users say that a “buy” button would increase their likelihood of purchasing on social.

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Millennials aged 25-34 in the UK are most engaged with paid social advertising.

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Of internet users say they find new products and brands through paid social ads.

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Split testing ads improves cost-per-acquisition by 72%, according to Facebook.


Crowdify builds effective audiences through detailed targeting such as interest-based, lookalike (building audiences off those who have engaged previously) and custom audiences (based off emails lists of active engaged customers). We use these to determine which areas need focus when driving targets. 

Having built these audiences, we will introduce new customers. Starting with the smaller, refined audience will allow us to build your brand awareness and lead to expanding your brand’s visibility to larger audiences through custom and lookalike audiences. All this with the end goal of increasing sales.

Crowdify’s Paid Social team will make sure your advertising is run effectively and managed in such a way to ensure your goals are met. We will grow your brand and expand your reach within social media.