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One Small Step for Man...

You’ve landed on Crowdify’s Start-Up Labs page, so you’re on your journey, Congratulations! Founders don’t hear that enough – we appreciate the decision to start a business from scratch is bold, brave and has huge potential for positive change. Others may see it as one small step, but Crowdify recognises that it is one giant leap!

From conception to customer is a nerve-wracking time.  Whether you’re using savings, investment or borrowing, there will be financial pressure. There will be long days, late nights, and challenges that you simply don’t see coming. The Crowdify team understands this, having steered multiple businesses from idea to industry leader.  As every business is unique, we don’t know what challenges you’ll face, but we do know that Crowdify is uniquely placed to help you navigate them.

Ready for launch

We know what’s important to getting your new brand out there. Whether you are client-focused or customer-facing; heavily-backed or boot-strapped, Crowdify will work with you to create a unique strategy. We know the risks, and we know you need results, so we’ll put KPIs in place from day one. Let us know what is important to your business, and we’ll make sure it trackable.


Start-Ups have difficult choices to make – there is never the budget to do everything. Crowdify will analyse your business as though it were our own and utilise expertise from key team members in every department. We develop plans for each element, including Design, Social Media, SEO, Paid Media, Experiential and Activation. Together, we discuss your priorities, budget, and goals over the short, medium and long term.  From here, Crowdify will implement a strategy.

Blast off

At Crowdify, we act as your Marketing Director or work alongside your internal Marketing Team. We have all the services you need in-house, so focus on the areas that will be most effective for you. Not all agencies can do this – an SEO or Social Media agency will quote for that area – but will never tell you to prioritise something else. Crowdify will look at your marketing as one ongoing project and will always work in your best interest.

Crowdify brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, the team having worked on hundreds of campaigns, to provide marketing that delivers ROI. Your business is unique, our job is to analyse, prioritise and implement the marketing tools you need. Crowdify’s strategy is your fast-track to success.

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