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Testing, Testing, Testing – The Key to Paid Ad Campaigns

Want to know how to have a successful paid ads campaign? You’re going to need to test.

Generally speaking, ‘testing’ is a method to better understand how well something works. With paid social, it is vital to test in order to maximise results and continue to improve the ultimate return on investment.

By rigorously testing and then analysing the results, we can continually optimise campaigns in order to improve their performance. Without testing effectively, it’s difficult to understand exactly what works well for the target audience. 

Bespoke campaigns 

There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to paid social, just because it works with one campaign, does not mean that it will work with another. This, therefore, makes testing an essential part of any campaign regardless of the budget, platform or campaign goal.  

The importance of analytics

By focusing on analytics, we can identify our clients’ most engaged audience and discover which ads this audience responds best to. We continually test by trialling different variables within each campaign.  

It’s important that when testing, we only change one variable at a time otherwise it is extremely difficult to understand which variable had a positive or negative impact on the ad’s performance. 

There are many variables that can be tested; the ad format, the ad copy, the creative, the geo-location, the time of day the ad is displayed, the platform and the ad placement (where the ad is shown on the platform). This test and learn approach is key to ensuring the best results are delivered by paid social campaigns, which ultimately helps support all other areas of the advertisers’ marketing. Don’t forget, every aspect of your online visibility should blend and support each other therefore maximising your marketing budget and enabling you to scale your business cost-efficiently.

Analytics gives us insight to both identify our clients most engaged audience and discover which ads this audience responds best to. We continually test by trialling different variables within each ad set. It’s important that when testing, we only change one variable at any one time otherwise it is extremely difficult to understand which variable had either the positive or negative impact on the ad’s performance. Ultimately, we end up with the best ad to make the conversions you want. 

There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to Paid social media.

What works for one ad set will not necessarily work well for another.

Crowdify Global provide a dedicated paid social service that generates excellent returns for even the most cost-effective budget. If you’d like to see a better return on your investment in your paid ads campaign, why not ask our expert team to analyse your current results and provide a free second opinion on the ideal way to maximise your visibility.

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