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The importance of social media in customer acquisition

There is no doubt that social media has revolutionised the business marketing landscape. No matter who your target demographic is a large proportion of them will be active on social media. 

Facebook alone offers a huge reach with other platforms such as Instagram catching up fast in terms of organic and paid opportunities. 

This means that social media must play a significant role in your customer acquisition strategy.

Using social media for scale, reach and targeting

Your target market must first get to know your brand. Social media is an excellent tool to achieve this with both organic strategies and paid campaigns. 

Posting high quality content is always the key to improving brand awareness but it must be at the right frequency and social media scales your efforts by getting more eyes on that content.

While all demographics are active on social media to some extent, certain sectors favour certain social media platforms. For example, you would target a younger niche on Instagram and an older niche on Facebook. YouTube, Pinterest Twitter, Tik Tok and LinkedIn have their own niche audiences. 

You will need to research your target market and then establish which platform they are spending time on and when they are doing it. This helps you to target your customer acquisition efforts more profitably. 

There are plenty of other social media tools that are useful for targeting your potential customers. They join certain groups and use hashtags which provides a ready segmented audience on which to use your strategies for the greatest effect.

Using social media to increase listening and engagement 

You can only make good decisions about your customer acquisition if you listen to what your customers and prospects are saying. You need to assess audience sentiment to move your plan forward. 

Social media posts are an excellent way to monitor what people are discussing. You can then use a sentiment analysis to identify actionable insights andunderstand your target audience’s needs. 

It is also important to assess the impact of your brand message by looking at how your target audience engages with it. There is a huge range of content available to you, but some will be more effective in your particular niche than others. 

While some brands find videos, product demos and DIY tutorials the most effective, others do better using blog posts or consumer-generated content.

Prospects become customers when they realise how much they need your product

Social media generates a staggering amount of data in the form of posts, videos, memes, pictures, check-ins, content sharing, comments, polls, and hashtags. 

These can be used to obtain valuable insights including location-based data. This allows you to create personalized messages that are highly targeted and therefore most effective.

Using a social media for customer service

Without happy customers, your brand cannot grow. They are your business’s greatest marketing resource. The most successful brands leverage social media to make sure that they are providing the best possible customer service to their clients.

 It is now common practice for aggrieved customers to share their bad experiences on social media and they expect a rapid resolution from the company in question.

The key here is to turn this potentially damaging situation into a customer acquisition opportunity. It is a chance for you to demonstrate how much you value your customers. By getting your social media interactions right, you can actually build up trust in your current customers, who will essentially become your brand ambassadors. 

The overall message is that social media customer acquisition is essential in our increasingly digital and social media-based world. 

By formulating an effective social media customer acquisition strategy, you will be able to successfully identify both your target audience and most appropriate platform. 

You will be able to actively listen and engage with your audience and use personalised messages for leverage. It will also enable you to identify customer issues in time to resolve them effectively and measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. This will inform future customer acquisition.

Meet the team at Crowdify who are helping our clients to increase their customer acquisition with our social media marketing expertise.

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