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Video Editing

Here at Crowdify, we’re passionate about handcrafting bespoke videos for companies of all sizes to improve communication and drive action. Optimised, brand-centric videos can communicate in seconds what might have taken multiple paragraphs, lengthy documents or costly training sessions. From corporate video to brand films, we do it all.

When you work with us, your brand becomes our brand, your message becomes our message and your objectives become our guide to delivering success. Think of us as an extension of your team, use our experience and skill to create awesome content.

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Telling a story

Video is an unparalleled way to tell your story in a way that creates emotion, excitement and engagement. The story could be purpose-led, about why your brand does what it does. It could be people-led, about why you’re the best place for talent in your industry to work. The story could be customer-led, about why your service stands out in front of your competitors. What matters to us is that we tell your story properly.

At Crowdify, the leading video editing agency in London, we pride ourselves on getting to know you, your story and your people. From the 6-second social media ad through to the long-form branded content, we tell stories with video in a way that your audience will engage with and which will enhance your brand.

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Of businesses use video as a marketing tool.
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Increase in mobile video consumption each year.

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Hours watched daily on YouTube.
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Prediction for facebook content becoming all video.